Sporting Legacy Ranch Expertise

Why ranches? Because over the years, Douglas Elliman Real Estate has seen more and more of its clients desire their own large, private western landscape where they and their families and friends can gather to seek a healthy, active lifestyle, a beautiful retreat or haven where they can ride, fish, raise animals, hike, hunt, and explore, or just romp, ramble, and play. A roomy place to share, enjoy, and be a steward of. An inspiring ranch with "elbow room" where together they can exercise their body, mind, and spirit, work the land, get dirty, and grow things. And not only in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley, but across the Rocky Mountain West. For ranch real estate for sale in Colorado and beyond, Douglas Elliman Real Estate of Aspen - The Ranch Group is the place to look for ranch broker expertise and assistance.


Tommy Latousek

The Unique Ranch Broker Skill-set

Assisting clientele in buying and selling this type of larger, rural, non-subdivision, non-covenant ranch acreage requires a different brokerage skill set than the norm. Things like water rights, mineral rights, conservation easements, federal grazing leases, habitat improvement, and large acreage management demand a broker who specializes in these issues. Not many of the typical residential Realtors have such experience. Locating the right ranch may also mean traveling a bit more, researching other valleys in other states, so such a Realtor need be familiar with properties beyond just the local. Most importantly, a broker who specializes in ranch transactions works solely on these types of properties, so they are well-versed in these complex and varied issues and can anticipate and head off the problems that can kill a deal.

     Ranch brokerage expertise involves a wide variety of issues, from water rights, to recreational resource management, to agricultural issues.
Comprehensive Ranch Realty Services

Responding to this client interest in sporting, legacy ranches around the Rocky Mountain West, Douglas Elliman Real Estate started its own ranch brokerage division. The Ranch Group services will include:

  • Ranch Marketing: Representing owner/sellers of fine recreational ranches across Colorado, New Mexico, and the Rocky Mountain West that offer top-notch fishing, hunting, and equestrian resources, as well as ecologically-significant conservation properties and working ranches. The Ranch Group can also assist with sporting ranchland needs in other popular places around the globe like Patagonia, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand;
  • Buyer Services: The Ranch Group will work with qualified buyers to assist them in locating investment-grade ranches that meet their needs;
  • Investment consultation in conservation, ranch management, and habitat improvement: Through its “stable” of resource experts, Douglas Elliman Real Estate can advise ranch owners in all facets of the short- and long-term management of their ranch investment, from expediting the "turn-key," initial phases of owning a ranch, to planning and designing an appropriate conservation easement, to helping locate and hire a holistic ranch manager that is a good fit, to providing enhancement and restoration services for the wildlife habitat on a ranch. Buying a ranch is often a very sizeable investment, and The Ranch Group will be there, not to just represent buyers and sellers, but to provide its clients with the expertise to protect and enhance this investment from beginning to end.

     Ranches with quality recreational resources such as top fisheries often help preserve the investment's long-term value.

Ranch Conservation & Stewardship

Like Douglas Elliman Real Estate, The Ranch Group is dedicated to delivering unmatched, sophisticated expertise to its discerning clientele and to helping our customers – our partners – leave a healthy, sustainable, and lasting legacy. The Ranch Group is committed to being a good citizen and steward of the American West and is passionate about preserving the unique heritage and sense of place that makes the region so globally special. Clearly not "greenwashers," businesses that "talk the talk," but don't "walk the walk" where the environment is concerned, Tommy and Douglas Elliman Real Estate's Ranch Group are sincere about their commitment to the working landscapes of the West and will bring this to their work with clients across the region.



The Ranch Group’s director, Tommy Latousek, has several years of ranch brokerage experience under his belt, having previously been with Mirr Ranch Group out of Denver, CO. Tommy's background includes having negotiated dozens of working lands conservation easements as a real estate project manager with Mesa Land Trust, the nation’s oldest agricultural land trust, based in Mesa County, CO. Prior to that, Tommy worked on Colorado River Basin habitat conservation projects for the national river group, American Rivers, and was a doctoral fellow in American western/environmental history. Tommy has an MBA from University of Denver and a BA from Northwestern University.  Over the years Tommy has been immersed professionally in all of the things that have to do with large acreage, rural, western ranch properties - water rights, conservation easements, habitat improvement, working with federal agences, agricultural issues, estate planning, etc. - providing today's sophisticated ranch client with the wide array of expertise one needs in this complicated arena.

        Farms and ranches such as those in western Colorado’s Grand Valley can generate income from a wide variety of agricultural products.